Combat Your Fear of Speaking

I disagree with those who claim that fear is not real and it’s just a choice. Fear is real and can be strongly destructive. After years of learning English, are you a confident English user in the circle of friends, but when it comes to speaking to a stranger, the stress washes away all your knowledge? Have you ever been told that your nervousness will fade away if you practice speaking more and more? Have you ever wondered why this paralyzing fear doesn’t seem to vanish despite the long hours of practicing?

You don’t have to let the fear of speaking in English come in the way of expanding your relationships anymore. It’s alright to experience a bit of anxiety when talking to people in another language, but it’s also easy to eliminate the worries that get into the way of effective conversations.

Defeating nervousness is a key step towards successful conversation in another language and it takes skills. You need to gain the skills to identify the root cause of your anxiety and ward it off.

fear of speaking English

I am Sahar and I have been through everything you are struggling with and know exactly where you’re coming from, because I’ve been learning English since 1990 & teaching it since 2008.  I’ve supported more than 55 learners to get over the fear of speaking in front of others and activate their language.  To me, uncovering students’ hidden potentials to find their own unique way of learning, and empowering them to overcome their learning blocks has been a priceless success.

I want that for you, too!

More about me…

I’m Csabi, an English fluency and confidence coach. I’ve taught English for more than 10 years and inspired and educated many English learners to have the vocabulary and confidence to express their thoughts freely about any given topic.

I want that for you, too!

Learn How to Defeat the Nervousness and Improve Your Fluency in Speaking

1 hour workshop 

Lifetime access to the replay of the workshop so you can get back to it when you need

Worksheets and self-reflection opportunities so you get the most out of the workshop

Co-working session as a bonus to those who join the live session

Is this workshop for you?

The course is suitable for anyone wishing to improve speaking skills and confidence, and particularly for those who experience anxiety or paralyzing fear of having a conversation in English with strangers, in new environments, or about unfamiliar topics.

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