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water shortage

Water Need

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary and well-managed ideas to confidently spark a conversation about water shortage.

When scientists discovered traces of water on Mars, it excited everyone, because water is the basis of life and it indicates that life may have existed there. The Earth seems to bee running dry while water is the most renewable of all the Earth’s resources. It falls from the sky as rain, it surrounds us in the oceans that cover nearly 70% of the planet’s surface, and in the polar ice caps and mountain glaciers.

Water is everywhere, but the problem is that most of the Earth’s water resources are inaccessible, or not drinkable. Those that are accessible are unevenly distributed across the planet. It’s not easy to transport water over long distances  and comes in with huge cost. But none of these difficulties stops our growing need for food and industry and the situation is growing urgent.

Mass media are constantly banging the drum of lowering water consumption at an individual level, while there is no global governance system for water. Water is often poorly managed at a local level and irrigated agriculture areas are guzzling water supplies. Do you think this problem can be dealt with at an individual level? What do you think you can do as an individual to help solve this problem?

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What You Know

Test Yourself; Fresh Water
3 questions
Come up with Your Answers; Household Water
10 m

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Watch and Learn; Water Shortage
10 m
Water Wise-Key Vocabulary Part 1
Water Wise-Key Vocabulary Part 2
10 m

What You Learned

Dive in; Thirst-quenching
Review; Water-Wise
5 questions
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