Speaking Booster Self-study Membership

Join an Effective Practice System

and Never Lose the Thread

You want to self study English effectively and your goal is improving your speaking skills to become a successful communicator. It’s awesome! You have found your learning needs and shaped your learning goals.

But, what’s your plan for the most difficult part? How do you plan to take your learning into your control by finding appropriate materials, methods, staying disciplined and motivated…? Everything would be up to you and it’s easy to lose the thread of how it all works!

You should also find a safe place or community to put your learning into intentional and meaningful practice, or your transformation would be too slow and frustrating. You can only improve your speaking skills by doing it and reflecting on your deficiencies, not just by studying it! Finding such an opportunity is not easy and takes trials and errors.

As a self-learner, you need a support system to provide you with necessary learning materials and conversation opportunities, so you don’t need to spend hours and hours searching for them. 

Time is gold! You should save your time and stay fully focused on preparing and practicing, which is the most important prerequisite for your success. 

I know everything you’re struggling with!

My name is Sahar and I’ll stand by your side in this program. I’ve been learning English since 1990 and for most of this journey I’ve been a self-learner- now I’m learning Dutch on my own. I know it very well that at English classes we were never given the opportunity to use the English we already had in real life. So I decided to combine my 13 years of teaching experiences with what I learned as a self-learner and develop a system that has helped many English learners all around the world to make tremendous progress in their speaking skills. I want that for you too! 

More about me…

English teacher online

Stay Disciplined

The Speaking Booster self-study membership is the quick way with a disciplined approach, to help you prepare, practice, brush up on your conversation phrases, and speak English without inhibition about deep and relevant topics. It saves you loads of time and adds the disciplined English speaking practice that you need to fulfill your goals; speaking confidently and fluently.

Has it worked?

Practice on a Regular Basis

Lifetime access to four interactive online lessons per month, so you can control what you put into practice for the week and revisit what you’ve learned on a regular basis.

Discussion space on the website and in the support Telegram channel, so you can stay focused and join the flow of the discussion at your own pace during the weeks.

Price and Payment Methods


110000T per month

Other countries

US$17 per month


I don't live in Iran and my payment doesn't go through. How should I complete my payment??

I accept PayPal and WebMoney. Unfortunately, because of the current issues of my country, we can’t link our websites to the international payment systems directly. Please contact me so I can give you more information on this process.

What if I change my mind, or I'm unhappy with the system?

The monthly membership is not a recurring payment model. So, you can drop the plan any time and get the refund for the remaining weeks, you will have the lifetime access to the previously taken courses on the website, though.

I have registered. What happens next?

As soon as you complete your payment and log in with your username and password, there is a video tutorial to help you work with the website. Make sure you book your monthly couching session with me.

What don't I get with this plan?

This system aims at improving your speaking, listening, and communication skills. So, other skills like reading, or writing, or comprehensive grammar lessons do not come into consideration, you’re naturally involved in reading and writing process as you complete your assignments and projects, though.

Why this price?

For the time being, the tuition fee for my one-on-one classes is $30 USD (300,000T if you’re bases in Iran) per hour. But, this learning system has been designed for highly motivated self-learners who have the inclination to put the best they can into it and get the most out of that, but cannot afford the private lessons. My mission is to make this system convenient for them. I believe no hardworking English learner should struggle and waste their time on finding safe places to practice their English skills.