Speaking Booster Program

Expand Your Comfort Zone

If you’re here, it means that you have stayed in the VIP groups for at least 3 months in a row. When you started your English practice program with VIP groups you had a few things going for you:

  • You were extremely motivated and excited
  • You were making changes in your learning habits and mindset
  • You were improving fast 

As time passes, you have reached a certain level of achievement with building up a weekly habit of practicing, and now working on bits of English every day might be as natural as breathing out for you. 

If you let yourself come to a standstill in your language learning, you’ll soon throw in the towel and get demotivated. It’s how the language-learning process works. To avoid it, you don’t necessarily need to step out of your comfort zone, instead you can expand it by making the uncomfortable comfortable! 

Are you ready to allow more challenges into the process?

The VIP+ creates this opportunity for you to pace yourself and keep improving your English speaking skills by making the challenging situations more pleasurable, productive, and consequently comfortable.

Who is your teacher?

I am Sahar and I have been through everything you are struggling with and know exactly where you’re coming from, because I’ve been learning English since 1990 & teaching it since 2008. Imagine I’ve been in this for almost 30 years! How much faster I could have improved if I’d had the system and support I needed.

I started my job by teaching English to adults & still enjoy working with people from diverse language & cultural background! I believe every language learner is talented enough; they just need a safe supportive system to help them find their own unique way of learning.

I want that for you too! 

More about me…

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What You Get

Six group gatherings and their video recordings for later review and self-reflection.

Group assignment for every topic, so you have higher motivation to work on a topic that interests you. 

Culture Club:

Once a month you visit a guest and discuss a topic with her/him, so you can evaluate your confidence and stress management skills while speaking English.

Lifetime access to two interactive online lessons per month, so you can revisit what you’ve learned on a regular basis. Quizzes and discussion space, so you can stay focused and join the flow of the discussion at your own pace during the weeks.

Coaching sessions per month (total duration of one hour), to work with me on your personal needs. 

Game Night:

Once a month, to meet other members in a fun environment, review the previous lessons, and experience English through playing brain teasers. 

Teacher’s reflection and personal feedback on your performance, so you can assess your progress.

Price and Payment Methods


500,000T per month

Other countries

US$40 per month


I don't live in Iran and my payment doesn't go through. How should I complete my payment??

I accept PayPal and WebMoney. Unfortunately, because of the current issues of my country, we can’t link our websites to the international payment systems directly. Please contact me so I can give you more information on this process.

What if I change my mind, or I'm unhappy with the system?

The monthly membership is not a recurring payment model. So, you can drop the plan any time and get the refund for the remaining weeks. I will be sad to remove you from the group, you will have the lifetime access to the previously taken courses on the website, though.

I have registered. What happens next?

Make sure you book a video call with me so I can help you get into the rhythm of the plan real quick.

What don't I get with this plan?

This system aims at improving your speaking, listening, and communication skills. So, other skills like reading, or writing, or comprehensive grammar lessons do not come into consideration, you’re naturally involved in reading and writing process as you complete your assignments and projects, though.

Why this price?

At the time being, the tuition fee for my one-on-one classes is $30 USD (300,000T if you’re based in Iran) per hour. But, this learning system has been designed as group classes, specifically for highly motivated learners who have the inclination to put the best they can into it and get the most out of that, but cannot afford the private lessons. My mission is to make this system convenient for them. I believe no hardworking English learner should be excluded from an effective learning system because of financial issues.