Way To Go (Private Lessons)

Learn How to Learn English

Learning a language is a bumpy road!

Sometimes muddy and unpleasant. It’s easy to get lost with loads of work and things to focus at times without having a person on your side to walk you through the process.

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then this course can help you;

  • Why don’t I have the courage to speak in English after years of learning it?
  • Is it really possible to learn all four skills independently without being spoon-fed by a teacher or a class?
  • Why can I only speak about familiar topics after years of taking English lessons?
  • I memorize English vocabulary but why do I keep forgetting them?
  • Why can’t I stop making the same mistakes in my sentences?
  • Is English for me? I can never learn how to use it naturally!

You can be a successful and independent learner; you just need someone to help you learn how to learn.

My name is Sahar and I can help you, the way that I’ve helped many other people like you since I started teaching English in 2008.

  • I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years of learning English and teaching it to people who chased the same goals as yours.
  •  I want to hep you find your own unique way of learning English and become an independent learner.
  • I know in my heart that this is why I started teaching in the first place.

Know more about me…

English private lesson

Become an Independent English Learner

You’ll learn by being deeply engaged; It integrates English into your everyday life.

What type of lessons?

Tailored lessons to brush up on your primary knowledge and cover your needs.

Full back-up of video recordings and whiteboard of each session, so you can get back to it later to review.

How many sessions?

12 / month

(Number of the sessions depends on the learner’s need. The price changes accordingly)

How long?

Private sessions 60~80min


Full access to one of Speaking Booster levels
Note: The learner must join at least 2 group gatherings each month in order to learn and practice necessary communication skills in English and improve her/his confidence to use their English in real-life conversations.

Has it helped any English learner?

Entry requirements:

Time: enough to work on bits of English every day.

Price and Payment Method


4,800,000T per month

Other countries

$40per session


I don't live in Iran and my payment doesn't go through. How should I complete my payment??

I accept PayPal and WebMoney. Unfortunately, because of the current issues of my country, we can’t link our websites to the international payment systems directly. Please contact me so I can give you more information on this process.

What if I change my mind, or I'm unhappy with the system?

You can drop the plan any time and get the refund for the remaining weeks, you will have the lifetime access to the previously taken courses on the website, the video recordings and the whiteboard, though.

What don't I get with this plan?

This course is not for teaching you the basics. To join the course you should be at least a B1 English learner.

Why this price?

At the time being, the tuition fee for my one-on-one classes is $480 USD (4,800,000T) per month  for 12 sessions and I only accept a limited number of learners. There are also other inexpensive services provided for those who cannot afford private lessons. Check the VIP membership  or Self-study membership at SBP program