A Stranger in a Strange Land

One of the ultimate goals of every English learner is being able to communicate with more people from all around the world. But, learning a language in isolation, without raising our awareness about cultural aspects, doesn’t get us close to our final goal. (see this article)

Without knowing the differences this can happen; imagine an English learner speaking with someone from, let’s say London. The person doesn’t seem to be interested in talking, because they don’t greet warmly. The English learner may find it puzzling and puts the blame on her/his language skills, while it can be just a norm . No need to say that, gradually, it takes its toll on their confidence to speak.

A stranger in a Strange Land podcast is a place for every English learner who loves to learn more about people from all four corners of the world to become a wiser and more confident English speaker.

I talk to the friends I’ve collected from all over the glob and ask them about their people, lifestyles, cultural taboo, etc. I’ve tried to think of everything that can be effective in a communication. I’ve had guests from Taiwan to Italy, from Australia to India, who shared the dos and don’ts of their culture. Listen to learn how similarly or differently people live on this planet. Then compare it with what you already know. Is your information true and accurate?

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