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There’s always something to learn.

Learning a new language is not easy. I know this because I have been through everything you are struggling with. I started to learn English when I was 7, and it soon won my devotion. No internet or high-tech tool, it was only me, my books and my cassette player. I remember listening to a song tens of times a day to be able to sing along, because I didn’t have access to the lyrics. It was my own way of practicing listening and speaking. Yes, we were taught English, but we’d never been taught how to practice in real life, or where to find opportunities to practice to become a natural English speaker. Later on, when I had the luxury of the internet, I was happy to try language exchange websites, but I didn’t find it safe and practical for a young person like me. Imagine how much faster I could have improved if I’d had someone to provide me with the knowledge and support I needed.

I believe no one should feel stuck trying to figure out how and where to practice and use the English they already have in real life.

I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years of teaching English to people like you.

Yes, every language learner needs a safe community and support system to help them find their own way of learning. I’m totally on board with it.

I know you can be a successful and independent learner, you just need someone to help you learn how to make it happen.

I know in my heart that this is why I started teaching in the first place – so I could, in turn, help people just like you.

You want to find your way of learning this language, but you don’t know how.

That’s where I come in.


I’ve been an English learner since 1990 and an English teacher since 2008. That means I’ve been at this for more than two decades!

I started my career by teaching English to adults. After a few months into my journey, I figured out that my supportive nature was significantly helping my students to overcome their learning difficulties. This encouraged me to teach classes where my main duty was to diagnose students’ learning needs and to help them make up for their deficiencies and activate the language they already had. They had taken English classes for 4, 8 or 12 semesters before sitting in my classroom. My colleagues usually described my strategies to help every single one of my students as: Brilliant! 🙂

I was elated when I could help English learners get over the fear of speaking English in front of other people and readily upgrade their fluency and accuracy. One of my very joyful and successful programs was walking tours in the city where I helped a group of English learners use their English in real life. (Good old days! 🙂 ) To me, uncovering learners’ hidden potentials to find their own unique way of learning, and empowering them to become independent has been a priceless success.

I want that for you too! Let me be the person to help you along your journey!



Education and Certificates:

Coaching in Education- Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)- September 2023

Official member of International Association of Facilitator- August 2023

Facilitating Adult Learning Groups- (Held by Leigh Faulkner)- Alison Online Education- June 2023

Teacher training online course on “Teaching English Online” (ELTons Awards Winner) -Cambridge Assessment English- June 2019

IELTS train the Trainer Speaking Workshop (Held by Anna Hasper)– idp Australia, Tehran – April 2019

Teacher training course on “Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT)”- IELTA, Tehran- February 2019

Teacher training course on “Teaching IELTS” – IELTA, Tehran- September 2018

Transactional Analysis a Psychoanalytic Theory – Hamraz Clinic- July 2016~September 2017

IELTS Certificate – Academic module –Speaking band score 8- 2016

Energy Systems Engineering. MSc – Shahrood University of Technology


Teaching English to adults- Different language schools- 2008~2018

Cooperation with Faculty Members – Shahrood University of Technology– 2014~2018

Scientific papers translator and editor

IELTS preparation courses (Coaching) 2017~2019

English Instructor – Students Scientific Association of Language- 2018~2019

Founder of Ublearner- Online English Academy – 2018~present

Senior member at EnglishAnywhere.de – 2022~2023

Educational project manager – Upskilling For Change – 2023 ~ Present


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