Find the Confidence to Speak about Your Childhood!

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childhood memories

What does your childhood say about you?

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary, increased confidence, and  managed ideas to speak confidently about the topic.

What is the most vivid memory you can recall from your childhood? Your childhood house, the smell of your favorite cookie, the antiques furniture of your grandma’s, the freedom. Or, the bullying classmate, authoritarian parents, falling off the bike, a broken leg?

It’s surprising that children as young as 45 minutes old are able to notice things about their world and pick up social skills from the adults. We experience so much across childhood, and yet as adults we recall only a handful of them. We sometimes picture memories as clear and accurate as a video camera.

Like the joy of first time to swim, the loneliness when switching schools, or the attention of our aunt, when we wanted to have the confidence to speak. But, some other memories come flooding back as we go through tough times. We learn what to be emotionally sensitive to as we grow up.

We keep it hidden to reveal later when we feel pressured. We tend to operate the childhood brain when we experience hard feelings. It’s because the only way to survive as a child was to cope with the situation . After all, we were a small person stepping into the world of giants!

What can be done?

The point is that the coping styles we developed for a lot of good reasons don’t have to be our defaults as an adult. The challenge is to find ways of pushing at boundaries and redoing and repairing our childhoods, by noticing the triggers and upgrading the software of our brains.

Let’s learn more about this topic and get ready to talk about it in English.

Start the lesson and move forward!

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What You Know.

Test Yourself; Parenting
3 questions
Come Up with Your Answers; Your Childhood
5 min

What You Need to Learn.

Watch and Learn; Adolescence
10 min
Childhood Memories-Key vocabulary-part1
10 min
Childhood Memories-Key vocabulary-part2
10 min

What You Learned

Dive in; Adulthood
Review; Rebellious Child
5 questions
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