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daily routine in English

Clean Your Room

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary and well-managed ideas to confidently spark a conversation about daily routine and productivity.

As human being we all learn to develop kind of daily routine which is automatics and quite unique to every individual. Being organized with set routines helps to calm the subconscious and the instinctive part of the mind, as you know what needs to be given precedence in the next few hours of your day. Creating a decent routine benefits the outside world as well as the person’s social life. How can it happen?

“To put the world in order,… we must first set our hearts right.” This sentence echoes a Chinese way of thought called Confucian Wisdom and can be traced in many geniuses’ outlook on life. U.S. Navy Adm. William H. McRaven  in his commencement address to grads at the University of Texas “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

Jordan Peterson, a professor of Psychology, author of several self-help books and public speaker “you need to be able to organize your own small corner of the world before you can organize the world to any extent.”

Over decades and thousands of repetitions, we’ve been refining those routines to fit who we are and they seem difficult to shake up. The following lesson about daily routine is going to help us learn more about our personal approach to this topic and talk more confidently about it. They may inspire you to make a change.

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What You Know

Test Yourself; Set a Routine
3 questions
Come up with Your Answers; List of To-dos
10 m

What You Need To Learn

Watch and Learn! Morning Routine
10 m
Daily Grind-Key Vocabulary Part 1
10 m
Daily Grind- Key Vocabulary Part2
10 m

What You Learned

Dive in; Clean Your Room
Review; Daily Routine
5 questions
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