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Digital Wellness

Is It Time to Log Off?

The number of time that you grab your phone and unlock it reveals an important fact about your digital habit. These devices have been designed to distract us and many gigantic tech companies have publically acknowledged the power of their products to damage our mental health. Some of the symptoms are being uncomfortable with stillness, be it sitting down to watch a full-length movie or or having a long uninterrupted conversation.

These small intelligent devices dominate our entire day, and they are not just a luxury object anymore. Our brains have adopted a routine around technology and it’s not easy to wean ourselves off the excessive use of it. These days, dialing down your reliance on digital technology is labeled under different names as digital detox, digital wellness, or digital minimalism, and it’s becoming trendy.

Many couches and self-help gurus are offering miracle methods and techniques to help you curb your usage. Many of these miracle cures end up with surpassing app limits and overriding restrictions. Maybe nothing can help more than digging into the issue and finding the root cause of phone addiction, which can be an emotional trigger that pushes you towards your phone in the first place.

Let’s learn more about digital wellness and get ready to speak about it

Now it’s time to expand on what you already know about this topic. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!


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What you already know

Test yourself! Digital Wellness Vocabulary
3 questions
This is a pretest to see how much you already know about this topic.
Let’s come up with ideas; Your habits!
5 min

What you want to learn

Watch and Learn; Digital Detox
10 Minutes
Digital Wellness; Key Vocabulary-Part 1
Find the vocabulary that you need to talk about job satisfaction in English. Watch the videos in the previous stage and read and listen to the definition of the key phrases, and learn how you can use them in a sentence.
Digital Wellness; Key Vocabulary-Part 2
Part 2 of key vocabulary. As you learn, think about where and how you can use them later when you want to express your ideas about the topic.

What you have learned

Dive in! Dependent on Technology
Review; Digital Wellness Vocabulary
5 questions
This is a 5-question quiz on key vocabulary and ideas from previous steps.
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