Emigration; a Dream Come True!

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Challenge or Opportunity?

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary, increased confidence, and  managed ideas to speak confidently about emigration.

One of the most difficult moments in every body’s life is when it comes to decide to leave their homes in hope of safer, better, and brighter future.

You may have had the experienced of leaving the place where you grew up. Maybe you only moved as far as next neighborhood or city. But, what if you need to leave your home country entirely forever? Because of the new and different surroundings, this journey, called emigration, at the beginning can be full of stress, danger, and fear. Some people risk falling prey to human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.

It can be eventually worth all the pressure, but the loss of natural networks of support, such as family and friends, or facing daily racism, discrimination, and culture shock can be devastating.  Once you settle in and start building a new life, it’s not the end of the story; many immigrants feel that their ability to deal with their life has decreased because of language barriers or because they don’t know how to do simple things like looking for accommodation.

What can be done?

There must be ways for the newcomers to overcome their sense of uncertainty and get back their mental and social balance after emigration. What do you think they are?

Let’s dive in and discuss it.

What You Already Know

Test Yourself: Homely
3 questions
Come Up With Answers: Migrant
5 min

What You Want to Learn

Watch and Learn: Undocumented
10 min
Emigration-Key Vocabulary- Part1
10 m
Emigration- Key Vocabulary- Part2
10 min

What You Learned

Dive in and Talk about Emigration
Review: Refugee
5 questions
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