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English conversation about Covid19 pandamics

Natural immunity or vaccines; This is the question!

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary, increased confidence, and  well-managed ideas to confidently spark a conversation about this topic.

While health organizations, doctors, and scientists agree that vaccines are safe and effective to bring the pandemics under control, some people believe that it is better to develop immunity to diseases naturally than through vaccination.

It is true that natural immunity may sometimes be stronger than vaccine-acquired immunity, but the experts say that the risks of this approach far outweigh its benefits. When a person has to fight off an infection, natural immunity occurs, but if they survive!

Based on statistics, about 1 in 20 children develop pneumonia during the infection, and a quarter of people who get measles will need to be hospitalized. Measles complications can be life-threatening or cause many uncomfortable symptoms.

Let’s explore and learn more about this topic.


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What You Know

Test Yourself; Vaccination Vocabulary
3 questions
How much you already know!
Come up with your answers; Get a Shot
10 m

What You Need to Learn

Watch and Learn; Speak of Refusal and Acceptance?
10 m

Watch and learn more about the topic.

Pandemics and panics-Key Vocabulary Part 1
10 m
Key Vocabulary Part 1
Pandemics and Panics-Key Vocabulary Part 2
10 m
Key Vocabulary - Part2

What You Learned

Dive in; Vaccine Hesitancy
Review; Pandemics and Panics
5 questions
A short quiz on key vocabulary and ideas from previous steps.
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