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Speaking about sleep routines

All the Fuss about Sleep!

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary, increased confidence, and  well-managed ideas to confidently spark a conversation about sleep hygiene.

As anyone would say, sleep is important in maintaining our health. While millions of people struggle with insomnia all around the world, sleep deprivation is the “silent killer” as sleep experts call it.

This is because of the many dangers of insufficient sleep that predispose us to various health issues. From mental health problems to greater risk for cancer. As the British neuroscientist Matthew Walker says in his book “ why we sleep”; “Human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain”. Mother nature hasn’t prepared us for this troublesome behavior, I guess!

It’s true that sleep is different for every person. One may just needs a power nap to feel rejuvenated when feel exhausted. Others may need to take up some hours of sleeping to call it a rest. But no one knows why sleep deprivation has become a competition, and people take pride in talking about burning the midnight oil.

In a world where everyone is more connected than ever, mobile phones and social media usually top the list of things that keep us up all night so we never miss a thing. But we forget the most precious thing that we sacrifice.


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What You Know

Test Yourself; Sleep Vocabulary
3 questions
How much you already know!
Come up with your answers; A Sleepless Night!

What You Need to Learn

Watch and Learn; Sleep and Health
10 m
Watch and learn more about the topic.
Sleep Better-Key Vocabulary Part 1
10 m
Key Vocabulary Part 1
Sleep Better -Key Vocabulary Part 2
10 m
Key Vocabulary - Part2

What You Learned

Dive in; Sleep Hygiene
10 m
Review; Sleep Better
5 questions
This is a short quiz on key vocabulary and ideas from previous steps.
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