Speaking of Food and Culture

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speaking about food

A Portal into Culture

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary and well-managed ideas to confidently speak about what food tells us about culture.

Food from our childhood is associated with warm feelings and good memories. Traditional dishes from our countries tie us to our families and to one another. From Iranian Fesenjoon to Taiwanese Stinky Tofu, every nation boasts its signature cuisine that never tastes the same if tried out of its locality. Even if you find the best local chefs, there can be a lack of understanding about what makes the original special. How food is perceived in one culture has direct effect on the way it’s prepared and served.

The quality of the ingredients is also led by the dominant culture among a group of people, which has little to do with climate and soil. It mostly come down to culture. Take the U.S. as an example where you see gigantic strawberries and fist-size apples on the store shelves, because people are more motivated by short-term gains, and fairly indulgent so they are ready to act on culinary impulses and accept trade-offs in flavor.

In this lesson we are going to learn more about how culinary arts, the cuisine arts of food preparation and cooking, is culturally influenced and discuss it in VIP groups or SBP events.

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What You Know

Test Yourself; Cuisine
3 questions
Come up with Your Answers; Home-cooked
10 m

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Watch and Learn; The Importance of Food
Food and Culture- Key Vocabulary- Part 1
10 m
Food and Culture- Key Vocabulary- Part 2
10 m

What You Learned

Dive in; A portal to Culture
Review; Breaking Bread
5 questions
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