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Learning English takes time and practice, but sometimes it can be hard to use the language well, even if you’ve been studying for a long time. You have been taking classes for years, but complex topics and not enough vocabulary can make it difficult to say what you really mean. This can make it scary to talk to new people and mistakes can make it even worse!

Speaking English skillfully is way different from just being a good English learner in the classroom. You have taken English lessons, studied grammar, done all your homework, taken notes and reviewed words, gotten an A in your exams. Yes! it’s fun to learn English, but the big question is still there; how can this language be used in your real life?

  • Can you start a conversation in English and keep it alive with a person from another country?
  • Have you ever had to speak in English about a more serious topic with others?
  • What do you need to be able to use your English more effectively in any real-life situations?


English is a tool. Like any other tool, you need to learn the skills to use it!


  • Overcoming these challenges takes consistent practice and exposure to diverse English language contexts.

You need a support system to constantly keep you accountable with your practice, so you can gradually become a skilled English speaker, even in front of complete strangers!

Who is your teacher?

I am Sahar and I have been through everything you are struggling with and know exactly where you’re coming from, because I’ve been learning English since 1990 & teaching it since 2008. Imagine I’ve been in this for almost 30 years! How much faster I could have improved if I’d had the system and support I needed.

I started my job by teaching English to adults & still enjoy working with people from diverse language & cultural background! I believe every language learner is talented enough; they just need a safe supportive system to help them find their own unique way of learning.

I want that for you too! 

More about me…

English teacher

The Speaking Booster Teens is a monthly membership system that provides you with challenges, research, games and activities, and you will receive enough feedback and support that you need to become a skillful user of English.
This system puts the missing piece of your English learning puzzle in place!

What You Get Every Month


Group projects and teachers’ follow-up, so you have something purposeful to do about your English every day. 

Teacher’s Support

Teacher’s feedback at the end of and between the sessions to make your practice intentional and purposeful.

Live Classes

10 hours of live group classes to use your English within interesting real-life topics.

Games and Activities

Research-based and affective games and activities to improve communication skills.

Support Group

A 24-7 support group to track your practice and completely immerse you in a higher level of English.

This program helps you if:

  • You have been learning English for a while (A2~B1) 
  • You are looking for a dynamic community of English learners who are chasing the same goal as yours.
  • You are ready to share what you know and learn from others through teamwork and group projects.
  • You are looking for a supportive teacher to stand by your side when needed.

This program doesn’t help you if:

  • You don’t like group classes.
  • You’ve just started learning English (Beginners~A1) 
  • Your favorite way of learning is through textbooks.
  • You can’t tolerate different ideas on a particular topic.
  • You don’t have the time and inclination to work on bits of English every day.

Has it worked?

Price and Payment Methods


800,000Tper session

Other countries

US$35 per month


I don't live in Iran and my payment doesn't go through. How should I complete my payment??

I accept PayPal and Tether. Unfortunately, because of the current issues of my country, we can’t link our websites to the international payment systems directly. In our preparation meeting we will discuss a payment method which is convenient for both of us.

What if I change my mind, or I'm unhappy with the system?

I run regular survey and feedback gathering from members every few months and you can discuss your expectations to be met. But, if none of them work, I would be sad to not being able to help you.  The monthly membership is not a recurring payment model. So, you can drop the plan any time and get the refund for the remaining weeks. You will be removed from the support groups, and you will lose the lifetime access to the previously taken courses on the website.

I have registered. What happens next?

Make sure you book a video call with me so I can help you get into the rhythm of the program real quick.

What don't I get with this plan?

This system aims at improving your speaking, listening, and communication skills. So, comprehensive lessons on other skills like reading or writing do not come into consideration. You are automatically involved in reading and writing process as you complete your assignments and projects, though.

Why this price?

Yes, the price is ridiculous for this quality and quantity! 🙂
This learning system has been designed as group classes, specifically for highly motivated learners who have the inclination to put the best they can into it and get the most out of that but cannot afford the private lessons. My mission is to make this system convenient for as many learners as I can. I believe no hardworking English learner should be excluded from an effective learning system because of financial issues.