Art and Creativity

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Can Engineers Be Artists?

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary, increased confidence, and  well-managed ideas to confidently spark a conversation about art and creativity.

What was your favorite subject at school? Math or art? Maybe both? Do you think that our brains consist of two parts, each of them specializes at specific types of tasks?

This is how many of us see human brain; logic on the left and creativity on the right. So, if we are critical thinkers it’s because the left part of our brain is dominant. It is also commonly accepted that free-spirited, artistic people are not those who are analytical and logical thinkers. We equate art with an artist’s work to express the unbridled emotions, and we mostly see no purpose in artwork but creating something to admire, not necessarily useful. Now what would you say if I tell you that the widespread idea of left-brained or right-brained people is actually proven to be nothing more than a myth. The real division of labor in our brain is more complex than what we generally know.

It is true that the left hemisphere of our brain is the center of spatial tasks and the right half is more proficient at problem-solving, but it doesn’t mean that, for example, an engineer is lacking in artistic creativity. Many engineers are more effective, innovative, and communicative, when they engage in a visual art. The remarkable capacity for careful observation can make an engineer an outstanding artist, as well. There are many other artist-engineers out there who prove the fatal flaws of this myth.

The dominant half of our brain doesn’t determine our individual traits. We can be good at analytical thinking and also enjoy being vibrant and complex. Use all your tools jumbled together and live your life to the full!

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