Let’s speak about job satisfaction!

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job satisfaction

Is job satisfaction a luxury?

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary and  managed ideas to speak confidently about job satisfaction.

Speaking about job satisfaction, we come to the idea of loving what you do to earn money. The work environment, the salary, the work hours, the co-workers; everything is in line with who you are and what you want from your working life. But, how possible is it to have it all?

Not everyone has the privilege to get the job they desire and have a vocation for. Some people even believe that it is just a fantasy, no job in the world can give you a complete sense of satisfaction. They advise being more rational when choosing a job, because at the end of the day “the salary can make you like the job” they say!

But, if in your value system the decent income doesn’t top other priorities, you may still feel frustrated and confused. Even after years of gaining experience and hoping for better days to come. You may simply come to the point that you actually hate what you are doing but you cannot do anything about it!

Let’s learn more about this topic and get ready to speak about it in English.

Move forward to the curriculum page to see the brief overview of the lesson and then start learning.

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What you already know

Test yourself; work and employment vocabulary
5 questions

This is a pretest to see how much you already know about this topic. It is a 3-question quiz on the key vocabulary of the topic .

Come up with ideas; your job and you!
5 minutes
Let's hear your ideas and see how much information you already have to talk about your job. This step includes 3 questions that requires short answers.

What you want to know

Watch and Learn; Career Change
10 Minutes
Job Satisfaction- Key Vocabulary Part 1
Find the vocabulary that you need to talk about job satisfaction in English. Watch the videos in the previous stage and read and listen to the definition of the key phrases, and learn how you can use them in a sentence.
Job Satisfaction- Key Vocabulary Part 2
Part 2 of key vocabulary. As you learn, think about where and how you can use them later when you want to express your ideas about the topic.

What you learned

Dive in and speak about job satisfaction!
It's time to bring everything you have learned to life. If you are a member of the Speaking Booster VIP Group, follow your teacher's guide.
Review; Job Satisfaction
5 questions
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