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Rich Vs. Wealthy

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary and well-managed ideas to confidently speak about money and financial goals in English

When it comes to talking about money and financial goals, everyone will probably think about becoming rich and obtaining wealth. Being “rich” and being “wealthy” may be considered similar, but they mean 2 very opposite things. A rich person could be a lottery winner. To be rich is to earn a lot of money or own a lot of things, but also have a high cost of living which makes this money less sustainable. Rich people may not achieve true financial independence. It’s all about having a lot of income, spending a lot of money, and showing off how much money you have.

If you want to achieve financial freedom, then chances are that you’ll want to become wealthy. Becoming wealthy means you have time to do the things you want to do, spend with the people you love, and learn about the things you want to learn about. When you are wealthy, you are not living paycheck to paycheck. Being wealthy is when you can decide when (and where) you want to work because you have the luxury to just walk away if you don’t enjoy your job.

Some people even believe that being rich could mean you are in debt. What is your understanding of being rich or wealthy?  In this lesson you are going to learn more about how to deal with money so you can make it more sustainable and discuss it in English with others.

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What You Know

Test Yourself; Net Worth
3 questions
Come Up with Your Answers; Frugal
10 m

What You Need to Learn

Watch and Learn; Money-Mindset
10 m
Getting Rich- Key Vocabulary- Part1
10 m
Getting Rich- Key Vocabulary- Part2
10 m

What You Learned

Dive in: be-all and end-all
Review: Wealthy
5 questions

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