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Level: Upper intermediate

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speaking about stress in English

Stressed out? Speak about it.

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary and well-managed ideas to confidently speak about stress and how to deal with it.

Stress plays an important role in our life. It can even affect our language learning abilities. It usually happens when we are in a situation that we don’t feel we can manage or control. It’s a part of our modern life, and you can’t simply make it go away. Stressors are everywhere, work places, streets, home, and we can’t simply cut them out.

We may feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with the pressure, but it’s surprising to know that the human body is actually designed to experience stress and react to it. Small doses of stress is believed to be the cause of our motivation to meet our daily challenges. Good stress is short-term and it inspires you, focuses your energy, and enhances performance.

The problem is when it becomes chronic and lasts for a long time which can take toll on our mental health and body. What can help us creates a healthy balance and a better quality of life? Can ignoring and bottling up make it easier to deal with prolonged stress? Can it hinder or help our ability to focus and get things done?

In this lesson you are going to learn more ideas and vocabulary to have an English conversation about stress management.

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What You Know

Test Yourself; Stressful
3 questions
Come Up with Your Answers; Stressors
10 m

What You Need to Learn

Watch and Learn; Fight Flight Freeze
10 m
Stress- Key Vocabulary- Part1
10 m
Stress- Key Vocabulary- Part2
10 m

What You Learned

Dive in: Keep Sane
Review: Stress
5 questions

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