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time management

Time is the most precious gift in life

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary and  managed ideas to speak confidently about the topic.

Time is the most valuable gift in everybody’s life because we all have only a set amount of that and we cannot add to it. As Rick Warren says: “When we give someone our time, we are giving them a portion of our life that we will never get back”. So true!

You can always make more money if you try harder, or build more relationships, but how about time? You can never add more hours to your days, can you? So, it is important that we add value to our time. How we use our time hugely impacts our success.

Using our limited time wisely results in having more time to do things that matter to us. By cutting the time wasters and trivial tasks from our lives, we actually build more time than we used to have in the first place.

Let’s learn more about time management and get ready to confidently speak about it in English.

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What you already know

Test yourself; Your Schedule
3 questions
Let’s come up with ideas; Late Again?
5 minutes
Let's hear your ideas and see how much information you already have to talk about time management. This step includes 3 questions that requires short answers.

What you want to learn

Watch and Learn; Productivity
15 minutes
Time Management- Key Vocabulary- Part 1
10 Minutes
This is the first part of the vocabulary you need to confidently speak about the topic. You read and listen to the definition, examples, and pronunciation of English phrases you heard in the previous video clips, in addition to other key vocabulary to use in your talk.
Time Management-Key Vocabulary-Part Two
10 Minutes
Part 2 of key vocabulary. As you learn, think about where and how you can use them later when you want to express your ideas about the topic.

What you have learned

Dive in and Speak about Time Management!
Take notes of your ideas about these questions and record yourself speaking about the topic. Send your final recording to the group or write a summary of your notes in the comments to receive feedback and corrections from your teacher.
Review; Time Management Skills
5 questions
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