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Working out is not easy!

Your takeaway at the end of this lesson: enough vocabulary, increased confidence, and  managed ideas to speak confidently about workout routines.

To decide on getting back into shape, usually after a holiday when you overindulged, is a common story. But we lose steam after some weeks, and we ease out of thrice-weekly gym visit day after day.

We start strong but after some month, or even weeks, other priorities begin to take precedence over our workout routines, and we pare the regular gym visits down to occasional workouts. It doesn’t take long before we complain that we can never find the time to do proper exercise, so it’s better be forgotten!

Listing a string of reasons why we are not able to fit workout sessions in our stacked schedule is easy. Otherwise, we should be counting the hours we waste during our downtime to see how we can use them to gain more energy and get healthier.

Let’s learn more and get ready to talk more about this topic in English.

Start the lesson and move forward!

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What you already know

Test yourself; Moving
3 questions
This is a pretest to see how much you already know about this topic. It is a 3-question vocabulary quiz.
Come up with ideas; Avid Sports Fan
5 min
Take 5 minutes and think about these questions. Then come up with ideas and short answers. 

What you need to learn

Watch and Learn; Sedentary Lifestyle

Watch and listen to expand your knowledge of the topic.

Workout-Key Vocabulary-Part1
Find the vocabulary you need to learn.
Workout-Key Vocabulary-Part2
10 min
Let's practice another part of the key vocabulary.

What you have learned

Dive in! Solo Workout
It's time to bring everything you have learned to life. If you are a member of the Speaking Booster VIP Group, follow your teacher's guide.
Review; Make a Shift
5 questions
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