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Say positive no

How to say a positive no!

At the end of this lesson you will have learned enough English vocabulary and managed your ideas to get ready to speak about how to say no without giving others a sense of rejection.

We all have felt the swell of anxiety when we reluctantly said yes to something that we’d rather not do, but we do it against all of our heart desire. When it is not even a matter of duty and we accept to do something just out of our desire to please others. We just fire back a passive yes, because it is far easier and effortless than finding a way to positively put down someone’s request.

To stand up to ourselves, sometimes we need to disappoint others and prioritize people and tasks. We already have a stacked schedule when someone approaches asking for a favor, or something starts to fight for your attention; the only thing that can help you survive is your will-power and determination.

Otherwise, doing things that are not any key priority in your life, and just out of instant gratification or pleasing others, can leave you stressed out, over booked and anxious; even if you are not determined enough to say no, saying maybe can buy you time to put more thoughts into the decision. It can also bring more value and positivity to your yes. Don’t you think so?

Let’s learn more about this topic and get ready to speak about it in English.

Now it’s time to expand on what you already know about this topic. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

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What you already know

Test Yourself; Positive No Vocabulary
3 questions
This is a pretest to see how much you already know about this topic. It is a 3-question quiz on the key vocabulary of the topic .
Let’s come up with ideas; a people-pleaser!
What do you think about this topic? Read through some questions and answer them with whatever you already have in mind in English. This step includes 2 questions that requires your short answers.

What you want to learn

Watch and Learn; Sandwich Technique
10 Minutes

Welcome to your first step to empower yourself to talk about this topic it in English. Watch and listen to people talking about it, and keep in mind that you don't need to understand every single word.

Positive No- Key Vocabulary-Part1
This is the first part of the vocabulary you will need to confidently speak about the topic. You read and listen to the detailed explanation of the English phrases to learn more key vocabulary to use in your talk.
Psitive No-Key Vocabulary-Part2
Part 2 of key vocabulary. As you learn, think about where and how you can use them later when you want to express your ideas about the topic.

What you have learned

Dive in; The Power of No!
It's time to bring everything you have learned to life. If you are a member of the Speaking Booster VIP Group, follow your teacher's guide.
Review; Positive No
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